About Us

"Uloom Ul Wahy Academy" is a dedicated online platform to impart Quranic and Islamic knowledge to the Muslims all over the world as "The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur'an and teaches it."
We are an independent entity managed by a group of dedicated scolars from Madinah, Makkah, Egypt, India and many other countrires. We welcome everyone to learn the teachings of the holy Quran & Sunnah irrespective of their race, colour, or cast. We aim to make every Muslim understand and follow the basic principles of our religion to ensure we can become a better Ummah as well as make this world a better place for everyone to live in. We do our best to bring for our student the best learning experience through an easy, modern and well strucured platform that makes every user enjoys his/her time with us.
Everyone has a place with us, weather you are a student, tutor a parent who wants to follow thier children studying process, you can easly have an account in Uloom Ul Wahy where you can manage all your plans.
We give each and every one of our students equal attention to make sure everyone has a fair chance of learning the holy Quran & Sunnah.


Knowledge is a very powerful tool to understand and practice Islam. Proper knowledge and practice helps to create fear of ALLAH in a Muslim's heart, if we hear Allah says "إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء" we realise that those who have more knowledge they are the ones who fear Him more, which leads to success in Akhirah.
"Uloom Ul Wahy Academy" brings authentic Ilm from Quran and Sunnah as per the understanding of Salaf-us-saliheen.

The virtual classes make it easy for anyone to learn from anywhere in the world.
All that is needed to enter the virtual classroom is a laptop and an internet connection.
Learn deen at your convenience by attending classes live or recorded sessions at a convenient time.
Moreover, connect with others like you as virtual classroom brings together seekers of ilm from all around the globe.
Students from different countries and backgrounds connect purely for gaining authentic knowledge and add to each other’s learning experience.


We at Uloom Ul Wahy understand that it can become difficult for a Muslim to attend regular Quranic classes in mosques or other Islamic centers in a country where Islam is not the religion of majority of the population. In addition to this, everybody has a different way of life depending upon their routine for work, study, or family setup. Keeping these things in mind, we have put in special efforts in to creating our online Quranic classes so that everyone can take part in them at a time that suits them best. You can start your online Quran course from the comfort of your home, pick a timetable that suits you best, and begin this journey of learning the holy Quran right from the basics. It doesn’t matter whether you pick things quickly or are a slow learner, we aim to teach you tajweed Quran and islamic studies word by word as long as it takes.


  • 1- To provide education of Quran and Islamic religious sciences to the people who do not have access to the Islamic facilities.
  • 2- To nurture the brains of our youths, professionals, children and teenagers by putting Islamic religious, ethical and moral values in the core of our curriculum.
  • 3- To instill the professional ethics and high standard of morality practiced and taught by the Holy Prophet of Islam.
  • 4- To promote the authentic teachings of Islam, Islamic values and ethics among the present generation of Muslims.
  • 5- To insist on the Islamic ethics and values in our daily life and to highlight the social connection of the Quran with the society at large.